Make your phone a


Stay up to date with your favorite FRC teams.

Get text updates in realtime

Megaphone keeps you up to date with your favorite FRC teams with periodic, realtime text messages. Get a text message two matches before teams play (so you can watch the webcast!), when teams win/lose their matches, when teams get picked to be in the eliminations, and when teams win an award!

Automate your team's Facebook and Twitter

Megaphone keeps everyone at home up to date with automatic, realtime status updates on Facebook and Twitter. Let your followers know when they should tune in to the webcast, that you won a match, that you'll be playing in the eliminations, and that you won an award!

Jazz up your updates with templates

Megaphone's customizable templates empower you to create fun and useful status updates. Add a link to the webcast, congratulate your partners, or use our teriffic stock templates! With 15 dynamic variables and six templates, the combinations are endless.